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2009 International Energy Code Compliance Solutions.

The new 2009 ICC Energy Code(tm) gives you two very different choices in the design of your next home.  Follow a prescriptive path or the performance path. The "prescriptive" path embraces a significant change in construction techniques:  Continuity of "air barriers" and continuous insulation.  At RKS, we embrace the goals of the 2009 ICC Energy Code in reducing a home's energy consumption of 15%, but...perhaps you already exceed this goal or need to make the most economical and simple design changes to meet this goal?  Let RKS evaluate your design, test your home for air leakage, verify duct tightness (where necessary) and perhaps award your home an Energy Star(tm) label plus the benefits of an energy efficient mortgage documentation for your future customers.

RKS Energy Consulting fully understands the 2009 energy code and options afforded to the "prescriptive" path vrs. the "performance" path.  In evaluating "performance" path options, we use nationally accepted computer software applications to complete our goals:  Code compliance and economical initial costs. 

RKS Energy Consulting is the expert in residential: evaluation, testing, verification and awarding energy code compliance and beyond.

View sample compliance documents YOU NEED to demonstrate 2009 IECC Performance Path designs:

Sample 2009 IECC Cost Compliance Report.pdf

Sample 2009 IECC Energy Code Inspection Checklist.pdf

Sample 2009 IECC Certificate.pdf

Sample 2009 IECC Compliance Labels.pdf

Your ONLY task?  Complete the builder questionare below and window and door schedule and submit the required documents and a copy of your plans to us.  Contact us via email  rksenergyconsulting@yahoo.com or by calling Brian @ 630.292.8730 today!

2009 IECC Performance Path Builder Questionare V1.3.pdf

Performance Path Window & Door Schedule.pdf