RKS Energy Consulting, Inc.

Is your home too drafty or just right?

Our air infiltration test will determine if your home is naturally ventilating at a proper rate.  The computer driven fan will depressurize your home and simulate a 25mph wind blowing on all sides simultaneously.  Measure the air volume and convert that exchange rate into a "realistic" number using methods certified by the Building Performance Institute(tm), RESNET(tm) and ASHRAE(tm).  35% of your home's air should exchange naturally following the natural ventilation scheme following construction & design practices over the last century. 

 Know how your home performs!  

Too tight?  Moisture condensation, chemical offgassing (we are all familiar with the Chinese Dryall in Florida?) and potentially combustion problems creating hazards from natural draft water heaters and furnaces are all side effects of buildings that are too tight, and yes... regardless of age they exist.  If your home is too tight, we can help you get the right amount of fresh air in a manner more efficient than leaving a window open 24-7. 

Too Loose? During the depressurization test, if it is determined  that excessive leakage warrants some investigation.  RKSEC technicians will attempt to diagnose and prescribe a soulution to the leakage we have documented.  RKSEC's experience in hundreds of homes built between 1865 to the present, will result in a comprehensive audit focusing on major opportunities and conveyed in an understandable fashion.

Why examine air leakage?




Our software analysis(left) of a very energy efficient home still indicates that infiltration is the largest cost in conditioning this home during the heating season.  So why air leakage? Excessive air leakage is usually on of the easiest and simplest problems to solve!   

 RKSEC looks forward to testing your home.